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Bioinformatics Algorithms

This bestselling textbook presents students with a dynamic, active learning approach to computational biology.

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How to get started

Bioinformatics Algorithms can be explored in a variety of ways. We provide several free chapters on this website that you can start reading today! We also have free lecture videos accompanying the entire book.

Or check out the resources below if you're interested in a printed copy or earning a certificate for one of our popular online courses that have reached hundreds of thousands of learners around the world.

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About this book

Each chapter begins with a central biological question, such as “Are There Fragile Regions in the Human Genome?”and then steadily develops the algorithmic sophistication required to answer this question. 


Test your knowledge

Hundreds of exercises are incorporated directly into the text as soon as they are needed; readers can test their knowledge through automated coding challenges on the Rosalind Bioinformatics Textbook Track.

Adopted by 200 institutions in 45 countries!

We provide unparalleled resources to our network of instructors, including slides, quiz questions, and additional assessments. But don't take our word for it!

This lively and unique text on bioinformatics motivates algorithmic thinking with an abundance of up-to-date examples from molecular biology.


Michael Waterman, University Professor of Biological Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science, USC.


 I can’t imagine a more rewarding or worthwhile subject to work in than bioinformatics and both Prof. Compeau and Prof. Pevzner played a significant part in my discovery and continued work in the field!


Graeme Benstead-Hume, University of Sussex

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Praise from students

We are honored that tens of thousands of students around the world have already learned from us. Hear what they think about our book.

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