Chapter 1

Where in the Genome Does DNA Replication Begin?

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Welcome to Bioinformatics Algorithms!


Lesson 1.1

A journey of 1000 miles...


Hidden messages in the replication origin

Lesson 1.2


Lesson 1.3

Some Hidden Messages are More Surprising than Others


An Explosion of Hidden Messages

Lesson 1.4


The Simplest Way to Replicate DNA

Lesson 1.5


Asymmetry of Replication

Lesson 1.6


Peculiar Statistics of the Forward and Reverse Half-Strands

Lesson 1.7


Some Hidden Messages are More Elusive than Others

Lesson 1.8


A Final Attempt at Finding DnaA Boxes in E. coli

Lesson 1.9


Complications in ori Predictions

Ch. 1 Epilogue