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A fully interactive version of Bioinformatics Algorithms with automatically graded programming exercises can be bought independently or as part of an online course.

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Thousands of learners around the world have already explored the interactive version of Bioinformatics Algorithms on Cogniterra. You can earn a certificate of completion either directly from Cogniterra or as part of the acclaimed Bioinformatics Specialization on Coursera.

Purchase interactive version plus certificate of completion from either:

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$49/month with a 7-day free trial.


Best deal!
One time payment of $79.95

Can’t get enough?

Explore algorithms outside biology too

If you’re interested in learning more about algorithms in general, we think you will love the EdX Micromasters Program in Algorithms and Data Structures.

This mini-degree integrates some of the materials from Bioinformatics Algorithms while also teaching you many fundamental algorithms across computer science.

Stand-alone programming assignments on Rosalind

Open education is important to us. If you have the print version of our textbook or are exploring the book on this site, then the programming exercises from the text can be found for free at the popular online education website Rosalind, named in honor of Rosalind Franklin.


Leveraging Online Materials in Offline Courses

Both of the authors, as well as some instructors who have adopted this textbook, use the interactive text and lecture videos developed for Bioinformatics Algorithms as part of their own “flipped classroom” teaching. In the flipped classroom, students complete the interactive textbook on Cogniterra and free up valuable in-class time for exercises reinforcing material that students have learned before class, as well as group-based discussion questions helping students connect what they have learned to more advanced topics. One of the authors wrote about his experiences with flipping a classroom in a PLOS Computational Biology article.


If you’re interested in finding out more about how to use our textbook in your own teaching, please get in touch with us at the Contact page. We offer discounted pricing to license our interactive textbook on Cogniterra for university courses and would be happy to add you to our network of instructors to share materials, including PowerPoint slides for every chapter.

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