Chapter 4

How Do We Sequence Antibiotics?

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Lesson 4.1

The Discovery of Antibiotics


How Do Bacteria Make Antibiotics?

Lesson 4.2


Lesson 4.3

Dodging the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology


Sequencing Antibiotics By Shattering Them Into Pieces

Lesson 4.4


A Brute Force Algorithm for Cyclopeptide Sequencing

Lesson 4.5


A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Cyclopeptide Sequencing

Lesson 4.6


Mass Spectrometry Meets Golf

Lesson 4.7


From 20 to More than 100 Amino Acids

Lesson 4.8


The Spectral Convolution Saves the Day

Lesson 4.9

From Simulated to Real Spectra

Ch. 4 Epilogue