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In teaching this material for the past few years in both the online and offline environments, we have encountered a large number of questions that our excellent students tend to frequently ask in each chapter.

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Chapter 1

Do we Have a "Clock" Gene?

Chapter 1

Where in the Genome Does DNA Replication Begin?

Chapter 2

Which DNA Patterns Play the Role of Molecular Clocks?

Chapter 3

How Do We Assemble Genomes?

Chapter 4

How Do We Sequence Antibiotics?

Chapter 5

How Do We Compare Biological Sequences?

Chapter 6

Are There Fragile Regions in the Human Genome?

Chapter 7

Which Animal Gave Us SARS?

Chapter 8

How Did Yeast Become a Wine-Maker?

Chapter 9

How Do We Locate Disease-Causing Mutations?

Chapter 10

Why Have Biologists Still Not Developed an HIV Vaccine?

Chapter 11

Was T. rex Really a Big Chicken?

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