Chapter 2

Which DNA Patterns Play the Role of Molecular Clocks?

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Do we Have a "Clock" Gene?

Lesson 2.1


Lesson 2.2

Motif Finding is More Difficult Than You Think


Scoring Motifs

Lesson 2.3


From Motif Finding to Finding a Median String

Lesson 2.4


Greedy Motif Search

Lesson 2.5

Motif Finding Meets Oliver Cromwell

Lesson 2.6


Randomized Motif Search

Lesson 2.7


How Can a Randomized Algorithm Perform So Well?

Lesson 2.8


Gibbs Sampling

Lesson 2.9


Gibbs Sampling in Action

Lesson 2.10


How Does Tuberculosis Hibernate?

Ch. 2 Epilogue