Chapter 5

How Do We Compare Biological Sequences?

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Lesson 5.1

Cracking the Non-Ribosomal Code


Lesson 5.2

Introduction to Sequence Alignment


The Manhattan Tourist Problem

Lesson 5.3


Lesson 5.4

Sequence Alignment is the Manhattan Tourist Problem in Disguise


An Introduction to Dynamic Programming: The Change Problem

Lesson 5.5


The Manhattan Tourist Problem Revisited

Lesson 5.6


From Manhattan to an Arbitrary DAG

Lesson 5.7


Backtracking in the Alignment Graph

Lesson 5.8


Scoring Alignment

Lesson 5.9


From Global to Local Alignment

Lesson 5.10


The Changing Faces of Sequence Alignment

Lesson 5.11

Penalizing Insertions and Deletions in Sequence Alignment

Lesson 5.12


Space Efficient Sequence Alignment

Lesson 5.13


Multiple Sequence Alignment

Ch.5 Epilogue