Chapter 8

How Did Yeast Become a Wine Maker?


Lesson 8.1

An Evolutionary History of Wine-Making


Lesson 8.2

Identifying Genes Responsible for the Diauxic Shift


Introduction to Clustering

Lesson 8.3


Lesson 8.4

The Good Clustering Principle


Clustering as an Optimization Problem

Lesson 8.5


Farthest First Traversal

Lesson 8.6


k-Means Clustering

Lesson 8.7


The Lloyd Algorithm

Lesson 8.8


Clustering Genes Implicated in the Diauxic Shift

Lesson 8.9


Limitations of k-Means Clustering

Lesson 8.10


From Coin Flipping to k-Means Clustering

Lesson 8.11

Making Soft Decisions In Coin Flipping

Lesson 8.12


Soft k-Means Clustering

Lesson 8.13


Hierarchical Clustering

Lesson 8.14


Clustering Tumor Samples

Ch. 8 Epilogue

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