Chapter 9

How Do We Locate Disease-Causing Mutations?


Lesson 9.1

What Causes Ohdo Syndrome?


Lesson 9.2

Introduction to Multiple Pattern Matching


Herding Patterns Into a Trie

Lesson 9.3


Lesson 9.4

Preprocessing the Genome Instead


Suffix Trees

Lesson 9.5


Suffix Arrays

Lesson 9.6


The Burrows-Wheeler Transform

Lesson 9.7


A First Attempt at Inverting the Burrows-Wheeler Transform

Lesson 9.8


The First-Last Property and Burrows-Wheeler Inversion

Lesson 9.9


Pattern Matching With the Burrows-Wheeler Transform

Lesson 9.10


Speeding Up Burrows-Wheeler Pattern Matching

Lesson 9.11

Where Are the Matched Patterns?

Lesson 9.12


Burrows and Wheeler Set Up Checkpoints

Lesson 9.13


Mismatch-Tolerant Read Mapping

Ch. 9 Epilogue

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