Chapter 11

Was T.rex Just a Big Chicken?


Lesson 11.1

Paleontology Meets Computing


Lesson 11.2

Which Proteins are Present in this Sample?


Decoding an Ideal Spectrum

Lesson 11.3


Lesson 11.4

From Ideal to Real Spectra


Peptide Sequencing

Lesson 11.5


Peptide Identification

Lesson 11.6


Peptide Identification and the Infinite Monkey Theorem

Lesson 11.7


Spectral Dictionaries

Lesson 11.8


T.rex Peptides: Contaminants or Ancient Treasure Trove?

Lesson 11.9


From Unmodified to Modified Peptides (Part 1)

Ch.11 Epilogue (Pt.1)


From Unmodified to Modified Peptides (Part 2)

Ch. 11 Epilogue (Pt.2)

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