Chapter 10

Why Have Biologists Still Not Developed an HIV Vaccine?


Lesson 10.1

Classifying the HIV Phenotype


Lesson 10.2

Gambling With Yakuza


Two Coins Up the Dealer's Sleeve

Lesson 10.3


Lesson 10.4

Finding CG-Islands


Hidden Markov Models

Lesson 10.5


The Decoding Problem

Lesson 10.6


Finding the Most Likely Outcome of an HMM

Lesson 10.7


Profile HMMs For Sequence Alignment

Lesson 10.8


Classifying Proteins With Profile HMMs

Lesson 10.9


Learning the Parameters of an HMM

Lesson 10.10


Soft Decisions in Parameter Estimation

Lesson 10.11

Baum-Welch Learning

Lesson 10.12


The Many Faces of HMMs

Lesson 10.13


Nature is a Tinkerer and Not an Inventor

Ch. 10 Epilogue

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