Chapter 6

Are There Fragile Regions In the Human Genome?


Lesson 6.1

Of Mice and Men


Lesson 6.2

The Random Breakage Model of Chromosome Evolution


Sorting By Reversals

Lesson 6.3


Lesson 6.4

A Greedy Algorithm for Sorting By Reversals



Lesson 6.5


Rearrangements in Tumor Genomes

Lesson 6.6


From Unichromosomal to Multichromosomal Genomes

Lesson 6.7


Breakpoint Graphs

Lesson 6.8


Computing the 2-Break Distance

Lesson 6.9


Rearrangement Hotspots in the Human Genome

Lesson 6.10


Synteny Block Construction

Ch. 6 Epilogue

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